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How our Post Caps were made.

How our Post Caps were made.

                                                  Post Caps 4×4

We at Fence&DeckRite started with two designs. We made a pole on Facebook and ask people to vote on the one they though we should make.


A) was the winner! 74% of votes

The Fence&DeckRite team went to work on finishing up the designing of Post Cap (A). We had the outer design done and then had to make the under side in a way that would make our post caps stand out from all the competitors.

You would think how can you make a under side of a post cap better than the average Post cap?  Well let me tell you it comes  with a lot of testing and  brain storming, on how to make it fit better on the post. On  the under side of our post caps we have added some unique and effective features that will insure that our post caps will fit better and support the screws. During the testing process we noticed that when screwing into the post, it would bend in and therefore didn’t look as nice as it would if we had some support for the screws. That’s when we came up with the unique rib support design!

4 Ribs are added to all screw holes

Our 4×4 post caps are made using a quality UV-protected glass fiber reinforced polymer. We are certain that we have made a long lasting product that will bring a great finishing look to your deck or fence.



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