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STOP! We know that the nice weather is here, and you are gearing up to take care of some big projects in your yard. For many of you, that means putting up a new fence. We don’t blame you! Changing or revamping a fence can make a yard and house seem like a completely new place. On top of that, building your own fence is a very satisfying project. Once down, you get to sit back and admire your work. At least, that’s what you want. But a bad fence can be quite the eyesore so here are three things to consider when building yours.

1. Let the wood dry before painting it.

You’ve just finished putting together your fence and you want to give it that final touch, but BEWARE! Applying paint or stain to a fence that isn’t completely dry will diminish the resistance of the paint and make spreading it evenly very difficult. The wood you get at the lumber yard often has very high moisture levels. I know it’s tempting to paint it right away, but it can take 1 to 2 months to make sure it is dry enough to apply those coats.

2. Don’t skimp on hinges.

This is something we see WAY too often. A person builds a beautiful, straight, solid fence and then decides to buy the smallest hinges to save a few bucks. IT’S NOT WORTH IT! If you aren’t sure about the hinges you need, we recommend you check out this post by 360 Yardware. Installing a gate with the wrong hinges can lead to a ton of frustrations and repairs down the road.

3. Talk to your neighbors!

This is the one we often forget/neglect. We may be desperate for a fence, but it’s a two-sided issue! By talking to your neighbors and even getting written approval (if necessary), you can save some nasty headaches in the future.

In the end, building a fence is a great project. It’s “fun”, satisfying and can make a huge difference, but you need to do it right or it will cause you a ton of grief down the road. Take your time when planning out your fence and don’t hesitate to speak to a professional!

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